For me filmmaking is a passion and a hobby. I like to tell stories through the lens of the camera and on screen. The collaborative effort that are put together by and with other filmmakers makes it creative, fun, and rewarding for me. I am a non-union freelance filmmaker in Southern California, the north end of San Diego county. 

As a film director, I completely immerse myself with the story, the people in front of and behind the camera, managing the entire production process, communicating with and mentoring the casts and crew.  
As a cinematographer, I am particular about the composition, lighting, visual aesthetics, and sound. I own and spent many hours manipulating cinema cameras, lenses, and lighting gears. I also edit and color grade in post production with my own NLE and Color Grading system. 
I also enjoy writing scripts for short independent films and producing them as well. I always look forward to collaborate with production groups as a freelancer.  
I am the founder and Patchwork Visions, an independent film production group in San Diego, California. Please check me out and our productions here.
My goal is to make the best pictures that will take notice on the worlds' festivals and cinemas. If you are like me who is passionate about filmmaking, drop me a line so we can create stories and make creative film projects together. 

June 2021

On location directing my recent short film "The Missed Flight" starring Rachel Murany and Thomas Mulligan, produced by A.B. Lefcourt.  We were filming the scenes inside the terminal of the Mcclellan Palomar airport in Carlsbad, California.  

San Diego's local KUSI news was there and broadcast our activity on the nightly news.



Directed narrative short and commercial films.


Produced and manage entire film from pre-production to distribution.  


Credited in various narrative film projects from Director of Photography to Independent Camera Operator.

Color Grading

Experience in full length editing and color grading using BlackMagic Davinci Resolve 16 NLE and other tools.



Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K
Panasonic GH5

Affiliates with local rental company for RED and ARRI cameras, lighting, and grip equipments.


Rokinon Cine DS Primes
Canon L Series Zoom
Sigma ART Zoom
Panasonic and Olympus Zoom
Metabones Speedbooster


Tungsten Floods and Fresnels
Daylight Floods and Fresnels
LED Bi-Color 400 Soft Panels 
LED Bi-Color 500 and 1000
Diffuser, Reflectors, and Flags
CTO and CTB Gels
Scrims and Stands

Misc Gear

Director's Monitor and Stand
7" Field Monitors with Scope
5.5" SmallHD OLED Monitor
Sekonic L-series Light Meter
Marantz 6-XLR Field Recorder
Tascam 4-XLR Field Recorder
Marantz Shotgun Mics
Marantz Boom System
Tripods and Backdrop Stands


Recent Film Productions

Angel Mountain (Feature) - Editor

A Gravel Road (Feature) - Director of Photography

Becoming Lola (Short) - Director of Photography

Noa Nina (Short) - Production Consultant




Editor and Colorist




Associate Producer

Director of Photography

Editor and Colorist


Gravel Road

(Feature - Trailer)

Director of Photography

Editor and Colorist


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